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What went wrong in your previous attempt? What changes did you make in this current attempt?

Candidate Query: In my previous attempts at the civil service exam, I encountered several challenges and made some mistakes along the way. Reflecting on those experiences, I have made changes in my current attempt to improve my chances of success. Here, I will outline the mistakes I made in my previous attempts and the modifications I have implemented in my current attempt.

During my previous attempts at the civil service exam, I realized that I lacked a well-structured study plan and effective time management skills. I often found myself overwhelmed by the vast syllabus and struggled to prioritize the topics that needed more attention. Additionally, I didn’t allocate enough time for revision, which resulted in a weaker grasp of the subjects. To address these issues, I have devised a comprehensive study plan for my current attempt, dividing the syllabus into manageable portions and setting specific targets for each day. This has helped me stay focused and organized in my preparation.

Another mistake I made previously was not practicing enough with mock tests and previous year question papers. While I had a good understanding of the theoretical aspects of the subjects, I struggled to apply that knowledge effectively in an exam setting. In my current attempt, I have incorporated regular mock tests and solved previous year question papers into my study routine. This has not only improved my time management skills but also familiarized me with the exam pattern and enhanced my ability to handle different types of questions.

Furthermore, in my previous attempts, I neglected the importance of current affairs and underestimated their weightage in the exam. I focused primarily on static portions of the syllabus and didn’t keep myself updated with the latest developments in various fields. To rectify this, I now dedicate a significant portion of my preparation time to staying updated on current affairs through newspapers, magazines, and online resources. I make it a point to analyze current events from multiple perspectives, which not only helps in the general studies paper but also in the essay and interview stages of the exam.

Moreover, in my previous attempts, I underestimated the importance of physical and mental well-being during the preparation phase. I neglected exercise, healthy eating habits, and sufficient sleep, which adversely affected my concentration and overall performance. Realizing the significance of self-care, I have incorporated regular exercise, balanced meals, and a proper sleep schedule into my routine. This has significantly improved my focus, energy levels, and overall productivity.

Lastly, one of the crucial mistakes I made previously was not seeking guidance and support from experienced mentors or joining a good coaching institute. Self-study alone proved to be insufficient, as I lacked proper guidance, feedback, and a structured approach. In my current attempt, I have enrolled in a reputable coaching institute, which provides experienced faculty, personalized guidance, and a competitive environment for learning. This has immensely contributed to my conceptual clarity, strategy development, and overall confidence in tackling the exam.

To summarize, in my previous civil service exam attempts, I made mistakes such as lacking a structured study plan, inadequate practice with mock tests, neglecting current affairs, disregarding physical and mental well-being, and not seeking proper guidance.

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