The Central Bureau of Investigation has arrested a Chief Administrative Officer (a Senior Railway Officer), Construction-II, North East Frontier Railway(NFR), Maligaon(Assam); a Deputy Chief Engineer, NFR, Agartala; an Assistant Executive Engineer, N.F. Railway(NFR), Agartala(Tripura); an employee of a private company based at Guwahati(Assam) and a private person(a relative of CAO, North-East Frontier Railway) in an on-going investigation of a case related to alleged bribery of Rs.One crore.

During searches, another sum of Rs.18.5 lakh(approx) and Rs.6.5 lakh(approx) have been recovered from the premises of Deputy Chief Engineer and Assistant Executive Engineer(AEN) respectively. Thus, a total amount of Rs.2.39 crore(approx) has been recovered. This includes an alleged bribe of Rs. One crore, which exchanged hands yesterday, is stated to be one of the biggest bribe money trapped. In addition, Rs.60 lakh was recovered from Dehradun and Rs.54 lakh from the Guwahati premises of CAO, yesterday. Besides this, there has been a recovery of jewellery and documents related to property from these locations.

Searches were conducted at 26 locations including at Delhi, Uttrakhand, Assam, Tripura, and West Bengal.

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