Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport, also known as Guwahati International Airport, is the biggest and busiest international airport in North-Eastern India. To meet the futuristic demands of Guwahati and add to the infrastructural development of the expanding city, the Airports Authority of India has undertaken the work for the Construction of a New Integrated Terminal Building at the cost of Rs.1232 Crores.

LGBI airport currently handles over six million passengers annually. The New Terminal Building will be capable to handle 4300 Domestic and 200International passengers during peak hours and about 10 million passengers annually. Equipped with 64 check-in counters, 20 self-check-in kiosks, six Baggage carousels, an In-Line baggage security screening system, and 10 Aero Bridges, the terminal will be an energy-efficient building.

With a total built-up area of 1,02,500 sqm, the terminal will have two levels, arrival at the lower/apron level and departure at the upper level. In addition to these two primary floors, there will be two more floors; a mezzanine between the two levels, part of which serves as the air-side arrival corridor for passengers alighting from the boarding bridges. The other part of this mezzanine acts as a service floor for the baggage handling system used for outbound baggage.

The design of the terminal building is inspired by Icarus, the mythological figure, one of the earliest inspirations of human flight. The airport roof is styled using the art of Origami, the design is an ode to human endeavor, crafts, and innovation. The façade of the terminal will reflect the same language of origami in certain parts owing to the need for solid wall surfaces.

More than 38% of the project work is completed and the new terminal building is scheduled to be ready by June 2022. Serving to one of the fastest-growing cities in India, Guwahati Airport also has connectivity with the South East Asia region and is going to attract more passengers in the coming years.

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