The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has approved empanelment of the Nine Indian Police Service officers for holding posts at the Centre at the level mentione against their names:

1. Ms. B.Sandhya KL 1988 ADG/ADG Eq.
2. Shri. Ch. D. Tirumala Rao AP 1989 ADG/ADG Eq.
3. Shri Ajay Kumar Tomar GJ 1989 ADG/ADG Eq.
4. Shri Mohammad Akil HY 1989 ADGIADG Eq.
5. Ms. P.N. Sarawade MH 1989 ADGIADG Eq.
6. Shri S.K. Jha MP 1989 ADG/ADG Eq.
7. Shri Umesh Sharaf TG 1989 ADG/ADG Eq.
8. Shri Kulwant Kumar MH 1990 ADG/ADG Eq.
9. Shri Sanjiv Ranjan Ojha HP 1989 ADG Eq

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