The Telangana government promotes 26 IAS officers and 23 IPS officers. In view of elections, after getting consent from Election Commission. Almost all the promoted officers were issued orders to continue in the same posts held by them until Tuesday. Six senior IAS officers Adhar Sinha (1988 batch), Shalini Mishra (1988) and Somesh Kumar (1989), who were in Principal Secretary rank got promoted to Special Chief Secretary rank. Three senior officers, from Telangana cadre, who are on central deputation R R Mishra (1998 batch), Vasudha Mishra (1987), I Rani Kumudini (1988 batch) were also given Special Chief Secretary promotions. The promoted IAS officers are Dr Yogita Rana, Lokesh Kumar, T Vijay Kumar, P Satyanarayana Reddy (all 2003 batch), D Ronald Rose, Surendra Mohan, M Champa Lal (2005 and 2006 batches), D Divya, Bharati Hollikeri, Amrapali Kata, Hari Chandana Dasari and Dr Preeti Meena (all 2010 batch) were also promoted.

The promoted IPS officers are Dr Soumya Mishra, Shikha Goel, K Sreenivasa Reddy, B Shivdhar Reddy, A V Prabhakar (1994 batch) as Additional DGs, Dr Akun Sabharwal, G Sudheer Babu, T Prabhakar Rao, P Pramod Kumar (all 2001 batch) as IGs, V B Kamalasan Reddy, S Chandrashekar Reddy, A R Srinivas, V Siva Kumar (all 2004 batch), Avinash Mohanty, P Vishwa Prasad, M Ramesh (all 2005 batch) as DIGs. Few others like B Sumathi, V Satyanarayana, Karthikeya (all 2006 batch) were also promoted.

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