Airports Authority of India participated in Confederation of Indian Industry’s (CII) first-ever event on Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2019 under the theme AI for Allat PragatiMaidan, New Delhi from 03rd to 05th Feb 2019. Airports Authority of India (AAI) showcased its capabilities and cutting edge technologies and services like SkyRev360, SkyBooks, SkyFit and GAGAN at the event.
Dr Ashok Bhatt, Senior Medical Consultant gave a demo, sharing knowledge on the relevance of Skyfit – simple breathing techniques as to how to manage stress during the event.Skyfit has been devised by AAI specially for Air Traffic Controllers, Pilots, Cabin Crews, Air Passengers, Ground Handlers etc. The audience appreciated the need for healthy lifestyle changes when the global fraternity is moving ahead to embrace new technologies like AI which include analytics and algorithms, big data and cloud which can transform human lives and makes things simpler and better.
Mr Anil Gupta, Executive Director (Land Management & Business Development) speaking during the event emphasized on AAI’s vision to make AAI a global entity considering AAI expertise and capabilities through Artificial Intelligence.

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