Raja Basu was Compulsorily Retired from the services of SCI on 11.05.2017 since his performance was found to be unsatisfactory during a periodic review of employees conducted by SCI. He was also a habitual offender on various issues for which he was subjected to
Departmental Proceedings and was found guilty.

It may be noted that, since before being Compulsorily Retired, Basu was unauthorizedly occupying temporary hostel accommodation provided by SCI at its MTI Powai campus. Bombay High Court had also passed an order stating that Shri Basu cannot perpetuate his stay in the hostel accommodation. Even after being Compulsorily Retired, Shri Basu did not vacate the said accommodation provided by SCI and perpetuated his illegal stay.

SCI thereafter started eviction proceedings under the Public Premises (Eviction of Unauthorized Occupants) Act, 1971 and the Estate officer, after following the process as laid down in the Act, passed the Eviction order dated 30.08.2018. The same was appealed by Shri Basu before Bombay City Civil Court. On 15.01.2019, Bombay City Civil Court dismissed his appeal with cost and upheld the order of eviction passed by the Estate Officer. Accordingly, with due notice, the Estate officer with help of State Police evicted Shri Raja Basu on 31.01.2019 peacefully.

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