The Central Bureau of Investigation has conducted searches at 12 places in Cochin and Kolkata in a case related to import of e-wastes. This has led to recovery of around 190 documents.

The case was registered  against an Assistant Commissioner; a Superintendent; an Inspector/Preventive Officer, all of Customs CFS Pettah, Ernakulam Dist. (Kerala);Proprietor & his Kolkata based private firm; Chartered Engineer of Cochin based private firm;Proprietor of another Cochin based firm and Managing Partner of a private firm.

It was alleged that the accused persons entered into criminal conspiracy among themselves to import used MFDs in violation of HW Rules, E Waste Rules, Foreign Trade Policy & Compulsory Registration order and prepared false valuation report of the consignment in connivance with public servants for releasing the consignment for sale in open market. Rules permit the import of used MFDs only for direct re-use.

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