The CBI has arrested an income tax commissioner B B Rajendra Prasad and one other person from Vishakhapatnam while four others have been taken into custody from Mumbai.and five others in connection with an alleged bribe of over Rs 19 lakh taken to favour a major corporate group. During the searches Rs 1.5 crore have been seized by the agency. It is alleged that the bribe was taken to favour a corporate house.

Those arrested include B.B. Rajendra Prasad, an Indian Revenue Service officer of 1992 batch and currently Income Tax Commissioner (Appeals-30) in Mumbai; Pradip Mittal, Managing Director of Essar Group of Companies; and Vipin Bajpai, an Accounts Officer in the company headquartered in Mumbai.Chartered Accountant Shreyas Parikh, working with Messers G.K. Choksi, realtor Suresh Kumar Jain, and his relative Manish Jain were also arrested.

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