We shall be curating Letters to Editors  from Different National, International newspapers time to time.

Raja Narayan,from Chennai writes:

Although the government has decided to increase the limit of cash available to foreign tourists, many are still facing undue hardship. These tourists come to “Incredible India” to enjoy our Indian hospitality. We should do everything to make their visit a memorable one. The least the government can do is to allow them to exchange their converted money on arrival (in old currency, and without any upper limit, once they produce the relevant documents.(The Hindu)


D.B.N. Murthy of Bengaluru writes :

One more incentive for black money holders has been announced (“Tax defaulters get another chance”, Nov.29). While such incentives are welcome, the honest tax-payer too needs to be given some incentive. The woes of citizens running from bank to bank and ATM to ATM continue. To add insult to injury, the Reserve Bank of India has released mostly Rs.2,000 notes and very few Rs.500 notes; Rs.100 notes are in short supply. It shows how poorly the post-demonetisation changeover has been handled by the RBI and the Central government.(The Hindu)

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